Sunday, August 12, 2012


Worldcon Planning

As we're only a couple of weeks away from Chicon 7, my spare time is looking at Chicon 7 and the Minnesota Magpies and going to my second Worldcon.

I've got more planned than I did last year at Reno -- I'm on multiple panels (and I'll mention those once the schedule is final and public), I'm helping keep an eye on social media and tweeting from @chicon_7, and I'm helping to put together the suite representing Minnesota during the convention.

We know what nights the various groups are going to be hosting in the room:

Thursday MNSTF/Minicon/Minneapolis in 2073 9:00 PM - LATE
Friday The Seamstress Guild 9:00 PM - LATE
Saturday Geek Partnership Society After Masquerade - LATE
Sunday CONvergence After Hugo Ceremony - LATE

We're also hoping to have some other things in the room, especially for people that are helping us fund the room. (If you're able to help, let me know!)

I'm really excited by this and hope to see you there!

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