Friday, July 31, 2009


Microsoft, Apple, and Computers of Preference

I'm reading Jamie Thingelstad's solution for how Microsoft can get the nerds back and was very interested.

I've also flipped from a Mac to a PC to a Mac again. And the switch to the Intel chip was a big part of that -- even though I have found that I rarely, if ever, use Windows on my Mac. Much less than I thought I would.

It will be interesting to see how the Microsoft stores are, especially considering how successful Apple's stores are. I think the move into stores is very positive, actually, if it is done right. One of the things that the Apple stores do very well is put a face on their services -- as opposed to Microsoft, which doesn't as often.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule

Wow. Sometimes you read something and it really clicks into place.

I've said more than once that I need to think of things in "half days, at least" for quite a while, and seeing this write up of the Maker's Schedule and Manager's Schedule really hit home for me. Especially when you have to balance both types of schedules -- which many people have to do, especially if you are both managing and making.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Be Seeing You

It is difficult to imagine that a Prisoner remake will be as effective as the original series, but based on the The Prisoner Exclusive Preview from Comic-Con I am more than willing to given them more than the benefit of the doubt and plan on watching it. After all, nothing can take away from the original series -- and I'd be happy to see a quality remake, and this looks promising so far.

And Ian McKellen is a fantastic choice for a Two.

Thursday, July 09, 2009



One of my fellow CONvergence directors, Jon Olsen made the following post today:


Please consider joining our conversation about the next possibilities for our diverse community. This touches the participants in CONvergence, Anime Detour, MISFITS, Marscon, Minicon, Gaylaxicon, Mn-Stf, Omegacon, and more and more. . .

We began talking about big inter-community projects this year. There have been conversations at MN Society for Interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy open meetings. There have been conversations at closed meetings too. There was a wonderfully interesting panel at CONvergence last week on the subject of a "geek community center." That panel will likely make an appearance at other conventions.

Well we also want to have a public conversation with the members of the communities in which we are active. About joint efforts, about structure, about autonomy and interdependence, and about where we go from here. About what we could do if we start dreaming out loud.

That conversation lives here for now: and I invite you to take part. Share this info with others and get in on the action. Today!


This is a conversation that I'm actively engaged in as well, and I encourage everyone interested in what we can do as a community in the future to participate.

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