Monday, April 30, 2001 - Home of Dork Tower and John Kovalic!

Oh, they have a series of strips about The Sims which I was addicted to for a while....

Sunday, April 29, 2001

Found a review of Marillion's Anoraknophobia -- I should get my copy any day now...

Friday, April 27, 2001

I'm hidden in the corner in this one

this one and this one might take some hunting

But that looks like all of the ones with me hiding in the corner somewhere....

More where's Michael

but this one is a bit easier....

Where's Mike?

A picture from Minicon open ceremonies that I spotted myself in....can you?

Thursday, April 26, 2001

Google acquires Deja's Usenet Archive

And they've got the archive going back to I'm looking through for old things I wrote....

Subject: GIG REVIEW: King Crimson in Milwaukee [6/16/95]
Date: 1995/06/16

I do remember one thing.

It is difficult to put a King Crimson live performance into words. I've
been listening to Crimson for seven years now, and it's my first chance to
see the entire band together live. One thing is for sure; the live
performance is unlike anything I've ever heard before, and is absolutely
miles away from what is on the album.

First of all, the California Guitar Trio was a wonderful opener. They
were clearly enjoying themselves, and it was an intense, unique
experience. I realized that I had talked to Paul Richards five or six
years ago after a Crafty concert in Madison, when one batch of new Crimson
rumors had just started. The sense of humor they have was quite evident;
and it's interesting to see how they have used the vocabularly they
learned from Fripp used to speak their own words.

As far as Crimson goes, what can be said that hasn't been?

The layout of the musicians were very interesting:


We had very good seats -- on the right aisle, about 10 rows or so back.
Close enough to get a very good view of everyone.

One thing I was interested in seeing was how the different "pairs" of the
double trio format worked. Bruford was clearly liberated by the chance to
not have as much of a responsibility as a time keeper, and it was also
very interesting seeing him send Mastelotto signals; at one point clearly
sending him a signal to quiet down. Mastelotto is *big*.

Fripp was very still, not moving for long periods of time. Not having the
spotlight on him has a very interesting effect, especially in the center.
I saw Fripp once with the Crafties years ago, and it was interesting to
see how he was in an electric context.

As far as the music The new material was much better live
then on the album, especially on songs like "One Time" and "People".
There was a thickness to the music that is difficult to describe. One
Time had a lot more going on in the background, Bruford filling in some
light percussive touches. The challenge of the band is to switch from the
vocal pieces to the long instrumentals. It's sometimes easy to ignore the
vocal pieces, but it's the contrast that makes it all the more rewarding.

Red was smoking, of course. Thrak was an immense pleasure, with a long
venture into musical exploration, unlike anything I have ever heard
before, and proved to be quite a free for all. I had hopes that this
would be a band that it would be often difficult to follow who was playing
what, and this was one place where that turned true. Talking Drum/Larks
Tongues PT II was a joy as well.

The absence of any Beat or Three of a Perfect Pair tracks was
interesting. I would be interested in seeing some other older tracks as
well; but then that may just be my tremendous desire to see "Starless"
live... :-)

Get the program. Very interesting thoughts from RF.

I like it!

Subject: A sign that it has been to long since a new episode
Date: 1995/04/25

I'm not sure if I want to admit this; but I just woke up from the
strangest dream. I think it's a little disturbing; and probably a sign
that I can't wait for both the B5 episode and the soundtrack at the same
time. :-)

The primary image is a bizzare combination: Ivonova is flying one of the
Battlestar Galactica fighters, attacking a Star Destroyer (from Star
Somehow I also knew the whole scene was CGI as well...don't ask me how.
There were some other scenes as well, but not as bizzare.

I think the most embarrassing part of the whole thing is that my
subconcious took a piece from Battlestar Galactica....

(confession ends)



I think they're upset.

I just hope that the move of Buffy to UPN isn't a repeat of what happened when Babylon 5 moved to TNT.....


Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Windowseat | tv turnoff week is a big turnoff | 04/25/2001

Big long rant about how TV isn't evil from the dawn of time...

I don't watch a whole lot of TV right now -- just Buffy, Angel, The X-Files, The Simpsons, Futurama, and well, yeah, occasionally Survivor or The Weakest Link. There's probably more television I should be watching -- the West Wing, which I've never seen, or work my way through old episodes of The Avengers that I still need to see -- but there's never enough time, or I find myself spending it online.

Perhaps because since I don't go out to bars much, during the week online is my best social outlet, which is sometimes very much needed when you're working more or less on your own most of the time..

I've gone ahead and made it so you can now Search This Site.

The British Invasion - The correct way to Americanize a British TV show. by June Thomas

Since the translation of British TV to American TV interests me in general......

Monday, April 23, 2001 Arts & Entertainment | Rude Britannia
Hmmm. A little interesting article about the dynamics of the US version of the Weakest Link, and how things might be different in the US version as compared with the UK version, including what it means when the host is the same in the US version...

Buffy moves to UPN

More information....and the article confirms that if the WB cancels Angel, it'll follow Buffy to the UPN.


Saturday, April 21, 2001

Oh my, Buffy moves to UPN...

Can I say I'm concerned? Yeah...I am.


Friday, April 20, 2001

BBC News | TV AND RADIO | Doctor Who's timeless appeal

Relatively balanced....though it's always hard to tell with the UK stuff...

saying that some fans are a just a fact of life, I figure...

What is SF?

This has been occasionally on the horizon recently, so when I came across this article, I decided to save it...

Thursday, April 19, 2001

Computer Features

Amusing. We know this is how computers really are....

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Kevin's SF Convention Page

Lots of good links.

Sanctuary: Marillion

I thought I had put this on my site, but it looks like it wasn't there. It's the US distributor for Anoraknophobia. It's got a longer sample of Between You And Me, and I want the whole song. No, I want the whole album.

Though it is a little disturbing that the site got the name of the band wrong in a few places!

Only a couple of weeks. :)

No Doctor Who for Hugh

I'm impressed; Doctor Who news on the front page of Reuters. That's always a good thing. :)

Actually, Hugh Grant was surprisingly good when he played the Doctor in the charity Curse of Fatal Death a couple of years ago, so there are worse choices...


4/18/01: Comerford on Criticism

As someone who occasionally jumps in with my thoughts on something, and who deals with reviews all the time on the MISFITS site, I thought it was an interesting article to skim over....

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

The Robot With the Mind of an Eel (

I'm a little disturbed by this story....for obvious reasons, really...

Monday, April 16, 2001

I just watched the first episode of the Weakest Link. The game itself is probably better than Millionaire -- but I think when a player takes the walk of shame it's a bit much for them.

And if you don't immediately know the answer, GIVE UP!!! Time seems to be the most valuable resource to me....

Rob Paravonian has an amusing song...

It's more the lyrics than the actual song, but it is so true, so true....

Sunday, April 15, 2001

Today's Foxtrot has a fun geeky reference....

Well, I went to Minicon on both Friday and Saturday. (I didn't go on Sunday because of family obligations)

There were a couple of programming items I found interesting, but it felt a little light to me. And if there wasn't a programming item going on I was miserable -- I had nothing to do but wander the third floor, be amused by what was being built with K'Nex (which were really quite cool), or just kind of wander aimlessly in the consuite or at home. I came real close to buying a book to read, but something about that just felt a bit wrong to me at a con -- I can do that at home. Some people clearly did do that though... I didn't want to leave too early during the convention -- and I'm very glad I didn't Saturday night, because I had one good conversation about a whole lot of things. But there was a lot of time where I just didn't know where I fit in there, and I just got my excercise by wandering around the third floor, seeing if there was anyone I knew at the convention.

The art show -- which I only wandered through once -- felt small, it was in the back of the dealers room and a bit out of the way. Lots of the panels were empty.

I'm sure there were many of the people there that had a great time -- but if you weren't already connected with people that were there, it was very difficult to find a good place to hook in -- the people that I saw that were under 40 with the exception of one group were isolated, clearly aliens at the convention. Some of that in my case is probably my fault and personality, but still, there was a time that wasn't the case.

There once was a time when you couldn't take the elevators at Minicon; now, when you did, they were both instantly available and empty. -=- a better way of life

It's been updated for the new album, and I'm very excited.

I'm trying to put some thoughts together on Minicon, but I'm still not sure....

Thursday, April 12, 2001

Michael Rawdon's Home Page
One of those sites you come across at odd times, Michael is someone I went to grad school with, and would run into at Minicon once or twice, which is roughly how I came across his site as I was looking up some information for this weekend's convention.

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

You know you've had a really bad day when.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

I just finished Casualties of War last nig ht, and it's another great Doctor Who Novel...that makes two in the row that I've thought were really excellent, so the so-called "Earth Arc" is a definite success.


Sunday, April 08, 2001

KROFFT.NET | Digital Video Theater

and since I'm helping with a room party at CONvergence with a Krofft theme, I was pleased to find some old episodes that are available on line....

Conway's Game of Life -- and a cool applet version of it as well.

A Turing Machine in Conway's Game Life, extendable to a Universal Turing Machine

The Computer Science graduate student in me thinks this is very cool....

Tuesday, April 03, 2001

Studio M Live | Marillion Live At The Bass Museum -- an entire concert... which considering the slim-to-none chance that I'm going to see them live anytime soon, it's an excellent subsitute, as it's a fantastic show.

I can't wait, only a matter of weeks until the new album ships to me...

Monday, April 02, 2001

Yeah. Believe it or not, I'm going to Minicon 36 in two weeks. I've got my reservations about it -- I'm not really sure if there is much that'll interest me there after the changes of recent years, as the focus shifted more to classic science fiction literary fandom, but I registered, so I'm going.

Though I think the really interesting thing to see is how next year will go, as I think that Minicon 37 will be a big shadow over Minicon 36.

I'm curious about it all, that's for sure.

I've been doing some spring cleaning; though I think I knocked enough dust in the air to irritate my throat a bit. Yuch.

I saw Tailor of Panama last week. Not worth writing a whole big review about, but I wasn't to thrilled about it. Though I also watched a bunch of Hitchcock films on video over the weekend; Rear Window was fantastic, in particular.

I'm reading The Burning right now, the first of a new storyline in the Doctor Who novels, and enjoying it a great deal. Fantastic stuff, and the best Who out there right now.

Sunday, April 01, 2001

Star Wars has been updated with a whole lot more information for the second Star Wars film. Make sure you check the site today, I think they released some information that they really didn't intend to about the second movie.


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