Monday, September 12, 2011


Speak Out With Your Geek Out: Conventions

I suppose I should Speak Out With My Geek Out.

But then, I probably have for years, and helped others speak as well, by working and volunteering for conventions.

I've been involved with CONvergence here in Minnesota since the very first year back in 1999; it allowed me to bring together my love of science fiction and fantasy in all of its various forms -- specific brands and media types, both the classics and next year's model. Unless there is a larger one that I'm not aware of, it had more members this year than any other non-profit, volunteer-run Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in the world -- and perhaps for a few years before that.

But there are lots of other conventions, and the best elements of all of them is the chance to band together and celebrate your favorite things.  You see this in lots of ways; the cosplay and parade at Dragon*Con, the Hugos of a Worldcon.  Even the big dog & pony show of a San Diego Comic Con is at its best when the Hollywood machine responds to the audience with what it loves -- something that is much more difficult behind a TV or movie screen.

And we see conventions reach out into the rest of the world -- locally I think about things like the over thirty thousand that Anime Detour raised for the Red Cross for Japan. The various activities of Geek Partnership Society.

And this isn't unique to activities in Minnesota -- if you look at something like con news you'll see conventions every single weekend. Some are very focused, others are extremely wide-reaching. That's as it should be; one size doesn't need to fit all. You can have Fencon or Arisia or Gallifrey One or Capricon or any number of other conventions.

That's one way to celebrate whatever sort of geek you have...

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