Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Everything About Dragon*Con is True

Dragon*Con is terrible, awesome, wonderful, crazy, literary, illiterate, celebrity-focused, and fan-focused. It's a convention where I can casually run into Stan Lee in a bar, and then wait hours to see him in line. Registration takes ten bazillion years to get in, and the crowds are insane, but you have an incredibly diverse Dealer's Room.

Oddly all of these things are true. Dragon*Con is a mass of contradictions -- it is both the best convention and the worst convention I've been to at the same time.

The Dragon*Con Parade is glorious. It's not just one ghost-buster car, but six. You haven't seen that many stormtroopers in one place without special effects or CGI. It felt like the entire Green Lantern Corps is there.

So yes. Everything you hear about Dragon*Con is true, both good and bad. It is the Nerd Mardi Gras.


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