Sunday, January 29, 2012


Arisia Wrapup

Oh yeah...I should write up about my Arisia experience here.

I had a fantastic time at Arisia.  I'd heard about the convention for years -- it has an origin story is almost identical to CONvergence's, and some friends and acquaintances have attended for years and so when I was able to combine it with a work trip, it was a great opportunity.

One of the things that was especially nice was since I knew people already, I was able to get in and volunteer right away.  It's the reason why the fan-run volunteer conventions are the best -- it's a co-operative activity that everyone does together, and even if you want to make it a "show", it's community based.

Every convention experience is unique for the individual then -- and so perhaps since I was there right away as a volunteer, it wasn't that much different from a CONvergence experience for me -- by the end, when I had five minutes I'd visit my new friends in the Programming Nexus/Operations area, because that's where I ALWAYS go when I have a few extra minutes at a convention.

I took reams of notes -- it was nice to be at a convention that had the same sort of audience as CONvergence, and roughly the same size, and I looked at everything as a student of how you can make good convention experiences.  How can you make it good for all of the various constituents and communities, since we know that the best conventions can have a huge impact on their members lives.

And that's awesome.

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