Monday, August 31, 2009


We Know This - Motivation, SF Conventions, and the Real World

The content of this video is actually NOT surprising to those of us that work on SF Conventions. After all, in events like CONvergence almost everyone PAID to be there. We couldn't do the convention without everyone *wanting* to do it and volunteering.

Obviously the challenge with something like this is that we do that project in our "free time" -- I use vacation days on the convention, and spend my nights and weekends on the project. And to some extent, the same thing is true with the Free Software movement and things described in books like Free: The Future of a Radical Price. The challenge is how to work out a way that you can make a good, solid, 21st Century living with it -- and not just at places like Google, which come close to this -- but in more environments around the world.

Oh -- and if you're looking for something to do for CONvergence 2010, we're looking for people to help us with our Harmonic CONvergence music/performance stage, and more people to be sub-heads (with a possibility as a future head) of CONvergence Programming for managing our panels and discussion sessions.

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Michael, have you seen the PBS Frontline episode "The Persuaders"? It's available online:

In one of the segments it talks about how brands "build loyalty beyond reason". They showed marketers interviewing members of "cults"; Apple users, Saturn drivers, VW drivers, Linux / Open Source groups, Falun Gong, etc. Really interesting to hear what they said about the need to belong and connect with like minded individuals who "get it" and understand them.

I think it would be worth your time to watch the entire two hour program.
Thanks for the recommendation -- I missed that series!
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