Friday, July 31, 2009


Microsoft, Apple, and Computers of Preference

I'm reading Jamie Thingelstad's solution for how Microsoft can get the nerds back and was very interested.

I've also flipped from a Mac to a PC to a Mac again. And the switch to the Intel chip was a big part of that -- even though I have found that I rarely, if ever, use Windows on my Mac. Much less than I thought I would.

It will be interesting to see how the Microsoft stores are, especially considering how successful Apple's stores are. I think the move into stores is very positive, actually, if it is done right. One of the things that the Apple stores do very well is put a face on their services -- as opposed to Microsoft, which doesn't as often.

The problem with MS's idea for stores is threefold:

1. It's pretty clearly a rip-off of Apple's idea, thus AGAIN ms will be sending a message to the public that APPLE are the ones to follow, the innovators.

2. The "free help" bars will be SWAMPED. FOREVER. You'll need to make an appointment six years in advance after the first month.

3. Almost everywhere else in the mall sells MS stuff cheaper than the "boutique" store will, so what's the point? There's no "community" of MS fans (except in misery) who will want to "hang out" there anymore than people "hang out" at GameStop.
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