Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Change of Ideas

One of the more interesting web technologies is the idea of "Crowd Sourcing" or "Idea Management" -- getting the community a chance to submit idea, vote for good ones, and go ahead from there.

Something like the Citizens Briefing Book is an interesting way for technology and government to combine together. It's still a bit rough -- but in many ways, that's encouraging to me. I'm sure many of the ideas that will pop up aren't really politically practical, especially since the kind of people likely to show up and vote on a site like that aren't necessarily the same people that vote -- but it's a great use of the technology above and beyond making better coffee and a better laptop.

Very interesting...

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I find the fact that the Change site uses Salesforce Ideas to be entirely interesting and beyond what any administration has done before regarding feedback. From looking at the site a little though, I'm wondering how it will play out as it gets bigger. If anyone can put any stupid idea they want out there, it's really hard to find all the other good ideas that someone put out, yet are sinking to the bottom, out of view. I did notice one thing though. Voting up and down an idea is 10 points. That makes sense in this kind of forum. In business, I tend to like the voting up to be twice as valuable as down, but that's my preference.
HP has used something similar where they let employees play a 'stock market' like game with various ideas for R&D. The winners are then reviewed by senior management (of course), funded, and launched as new projects.
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