Monday, September 01, 2008



For me, one of the sadder things about the long primary campaign this spring was that as I was getting more, and more enthused about the Obama campaign, I was getting more turned off by the 2008 Clinton campaign.

This wasn't something that made me very happy -- especially since the Obama 2008 campaign reminds me so much of the Clinton 1992 campaign, where a young candidate unheard of a few years previously talks about the hope for the future after the disaster of a Bush presidency. There were a lot of people that compared Obama to a Kennedy -- but for me, the personal reminder was always Bill Clinton.

So it is nice to see stories like this fromClinton supporter Howard Wolfson -- recognizing all of the history of this year, and the impressive ability of Sen. Obama to rally 75,000 people.

That said, it is a difficult week to be partisan, when we've got another reminder that the weather doesn't have a political party. So this is a good week not to give money to a political campaign or party, or a week to protest or celebrate, but to give to a charity like the Red Cross.

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