Thursday, June 19, 2008


Wow. A Political Commercial That Is A Shocker

I was watching the news tonight, and up comes this commercial -- and I was pretty much stunned speechless by the nature of the advertisement. It's harsh.

If that's an advertisement in June -- imagine what we'll be seeing by October.


What about Alex's father and grandfather and potentially great grandfather? How were they affected by the fact that we are still in Germany?

This is political hyperbole - a typical cheap political shot designed to convince the masses of stupid American voters that it's okay to take any statement out of context...create any meaning YOU want it to have...and not analyze it for what it really was about or what it really meant.

Senator Obama: When you say you support a windfall profits tax on oil companies because they are making an average of 7 to 10% profit on their support doing this for any company that makes such huge profits? The company his mommy works for currently makes an average of 22%. When you tax his mommy's company they'll most likely have to raise prices AND fire his mom. But I'm sure you'll have a great welfare program she can sign up for.

Oh...and Senator Obama...when you immediately remove all of the troops from Iraq in January of '09, do you think the millions of mothers of Iraqi children who are then exposed to terrorist retribution and sectarian violence will be able to protect their children? I suppose it's not a big deal...afterall, when America packed its bags and left Vietnam high and dry only a few million civilians were killed. Small price to pay so that Alex can sink his teeth into some Twinkies and play a little xBox 360...

I prefer to THINK things through rather than FEEL them. Unfortunately American politics is all about feeling these days. Doesn't matter which side of the political spectrum you're on.
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