Sunday, June 15, 2008


Fedcon Crisis

I'm sad to see reports about FedconUSA canceling itself midconvention. That's the sort of apocalyptic event that no convention organizer wants to see.

But it is one of those valuable "buyer beware" lessons. Convention running can be risky -- especially the large conventions with a number of media guests. It is not the first time a story like this has happened, unfortunately.

And one of the reasons why I'm more fond of the community-based conventions like most of the ones in the Twin Cities (including CONvergence) -- they're cooperative ventures). When you see that a convention sells tickets instead of memberships that's usually a warning sign.

Very sad to see though.

Reporters who investigated TrekUnited's shenanigans (three years ago) discovered that Tim Brazeal is a felon and lifelong incompetent. FedCon USA isn't the first business he's driven into the ground while duping sci-fi fans.

You can read a bit of background in several articles at SyFy Portal...

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