Friday, April 25, 2008


CONvergence Programming - Grid Lock!

I may not be the programming head -- but the programming head will be reporting to me starting next year as part of the events division, and as I'd previously been a head, it's important for me to promote the schedule.

The schedule has started to solidify now, and to quote the current programming head:

And please, please, please - if you are attending the convention and see some panels you would like to be on - follow the email instructions at the top of the webpage and let me know. Usually we have a limit of six people per panel, so if you see a panel that already has six people on it, then it's full - pick some that have 0-4 people instead, you can really help the programming dept. out!

Likewise, some panels are just for guests of honor or are gameshow style panels that have certain panelists who are running the event (again, should be pretty clear which these are from the panel description).

We recommend a limit of eight panels per person to avoid burnout (but if you can handle more and I have personal knowledge of that - then we can make exceptions).

So, if you are attending the con, please sign up for some (more) panels and pass the message along!

It's going to be an exciting year -- and I'm really excited to see the schedule come together.

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They/you really just take whoever signs up first for panels as panelists? That's just . . . bizarre. I've never heard of that as a way of handling programming at a SF con.

Does the programming head ask specific people to be on panels or do you rely solely on people signing up (on a first-come , first serve basis)?
Oh, we use a variety of different techniques -- we don't rely on any one thing by itself.

The programming head (and just as frequently, someone specifically taking responsibility for an individual panel) certainly does ask around and do specific recruiting -- but we also rely a lot on the community and individuals to step up.

But when we're filling out programming -- we absolutely expect and call on the membership to volunteer for the panels that they want happen. It's not literally a first-come, first-serve basis -- there are always adjustments based on a wide variety of factors.

You really have to find a variety of techniques when you're dealing with the number of participants and events that we're dealing with -- some items certainly get more attention than others from the programing heads, but it is also deliberately heavily membership-driven.
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