Friday, February 08, 2008


A Thought About Google Ads on My Blog

I put a little bit of advertising on my blog -- I don't (and haven't) expect to make any more money except to offset some of my costs for having a domain. And the internet is something where you never know when you hit the internet lottery for one thing or another, and it seems to be smart to have a way to capture that if you do. And I figure it is also one direct way to get experience with the Google ad system, as I never know when having that experience might be useful for its own reasons.

But one of the interesting things has been that now that we are in a political season, and because of that I'm doing a bit more discussion about political issues, I'm getting political ads both from candidates and organizations I might like, and also candidates and organizations that I don't. And I'm ok with that.

I'm very fond of how the internet can impact the political system -- it is a chance for us all to have our own little letters to the editor, and political candidates have a chance to put out as much information in an unfiltered way as possible. And I think making it easier for smaller donors to help participate in fund raising is really good.

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