Friday, January 25, 2008



One of the things that I was wondering is how much the new Star Trek film would be like other Bad Robot productions like Alias, Lost, and Cloverfield. And Star Trek -- as one of those large franchises -- is something that could have lots of obscure corners and things that are beyond just the movie.

I know that I want to see a JJ Abrams Star Trek film -- one that has the character and personality of the creator. I think that brings about the best sort of franchise work -- when it's not just putting something out there generically, but brings the talents of the people to play. That's what has worked with the better comic book adaptations -- and if you look at Star Trek as something similar to that, you should want that here as well.

But the NCC-1701 site -- where you have to dial in the shipyard cameras -- is one of the first real solid signs that we're going to have that same sort of fun, and a film isn't just a two hour trip to the movie theater, but an experience over a much longer period of time.


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