Friday, January 18, 2008


Getting Enterprise Right

One of the interesting things about the Star Trek teaser is that it looks like this is actually trying to do the same thing that it looked like Enterprise was doing -- bringing something like the 1960s Star Trek into the present day.

I think there is certainly an open question about how accepting a fan audience would be to see a new cast play the same characters -- I'm happy with the cast, and I would like to see the definitive dream of a better future for mankind be revitalized for the present day.

You wonder if this will fall apart because it's tied to tightly to the original series -- Nimoy's involvement makes this a concern --- or that it'll end up so different than the Star Trek we have grown up with that it'll be difficult to accept. I don't think it's impossible to recast; after all, characters like James Bond and Batman are reguarly recast.

It'll be interesting to see -- I know I certainly plan to.

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