Thursday, December 20, 2007


Paul Cornell's Thoughts On Facebook

It's sort of buried as part of his annual Christmas blogging, but Paul has some wonderfully interesting thoughts about Facebook on his blog. I think we still need to find out how to best use something like Facebook -- and I think one of the challenges goes to the multiple identities that we all have.

And one of the challenges with a lot of these tools is that we've got multiple identities in real life as well. There's my professional identity -- my career, my work life. There are various social identities for each social circle. And while there may be some social overlap between the two -- you don't really want to burden far away people with local events (I accidentally invited a non-local friend to a local event recently), or work people with various social events of yours.

It's nice to have some places to share this sort of information around -- but there really are some challenges with it all. And so I found Paul's thoughts on Facebook -- and really, social networking as a whole -- to be very interesting.

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