Monday, June 11, 2007



I was a bit surprised to see that Apple is releasing Safari for Windows. I only occasionally use Safari, as I primarily use Firefox across all the platforms that I use. Just like Fake Steve Jobs.

However, I downloaded the beta version of Safari for Windows, and it's a bit odd. I don't really think that "typical" Windows users are going to use it -- it'll be good for web developers, and especially good once you realize that's how iPhone applications will be delivered. I'm a bit skeptical about how much the iPhone will really take off, though elements of it look really good and I think it'll be good for the smart phone industry as a hole.

One of the strange things is that Safari doesn't feel like a Windows application -- it feels even less like one when running on Windows than iTunes, perhaps because we've had a decade worth of experience in how a browser on Windows should be like. But I think it's a bit strange that as people are critical of applications like Firefox and the like that aren't fully Mac-like, that it's ok for Apple to make software for Windows that isn't like any Windows software.

That said, I suspect that the main users of Safari on Windows will be web developers...

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