Sunday, June 24, 2007


But don't you like computers?

There's one thing I really don't like doing with computers -- I'm not enthused about installing operating systems, reformatting and rebuilding computers. It's not really *doing* anything with a computer -- it's just something that needs to be done in order to do anything with them.

It's one of the reasons why despite my liking Linux and the like in theory, I've never really bothered to install it and tinker with it -- for me what's interesting and exciting is what you can *do* with computers and technology. Certainly I'm interested in applications -- and getting things done. And I'm interested in all of the computer science parts of how operating systems, networks, and databases work -- that's what I went to school for.

One of the frustrating things that you can get in life is that if you love computers (and have an IT related career) -- that this is the sort of thing that you like. The "fix my computer" sort of thing -- and it is something I don't really like to do with my own computer. It might be like the person in construction who doesn't repair their own home...but yeah, I hate those sorts of repairs on my own computers.


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