Thursday, April 05, 2007


Mac Fever

Scoble recently got a mac as well and is making more suggestions. So that's all good.

I also recently downloaded the trial version of Parallels -- I haven't invested a lot of my time in it yet, because I haven't purchased it yet -- only a trial version to see how well it worked, but I did quick install Vista on that as well as Ubuntu inside of it. I haven't really fine tuned Ubuntu, so it doesn't seem to recognize the full width of my monitor when I send it full screen, but Vista worked just fine.

I think that since I'm running the newest version of Boot Camp Parallels wasn't able to recognize it -- but I haven't looked that hard at it. It'd be my dream situation, and as I think Parallels was able to do that with earlier versions, it'll eventually be able to do that. I think there will be some times that you'll want to run Vista directly on the Hardware -- especially as that'll get you a really solid Vista experience -- and other times running it alongside Mac OS will be the approach that you want.

I've downloaded Quicksilver, but it's one of those utilities that it clearly takes some time to "get", and I'm not quite sure I've got it yet.

I haven't downloaded a chat client yet, but it looks like Adium is recommended so I'm looking at that. Though I haven't really done much chatting in years. But it's there.

I downloaded Twitterrific to work with my twitter account, as something more to play with as well.

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