Thursday, March 15, 2007


Future Star Trek Soundtracks

I'm quite happy to see that Michael Giacchino is going to do the soundtrack for the next Star Trek film. It's not really so much because of his work on television shows like Lost and Alias, but instead his fantastic soundtrack for The Incredibles, which is the greatest James Bond soundtrack never written.

One of the sad things about Star Trek soundtracks after The Next Generation is that they're very bland. But the original 1960s soundtracks of the original Star Trek are a vital part of the series. The "Amok Time" theme is recognizable in a few notes; and the Star Trek fanfare is one of the most distinctive franchise themes.

If the new Star Trek film is a back-to-basics story with Kirk and Spock, the soundtrack can be a key piece that connects this new film to the classic original series. And if Michael Giacchino's soundtrack for The Incredibles is any indication, he'll be more than capable of making a solid Star Trek soundtrack.

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