Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Language Matters

One of the things that's interesting (and sometimes scary) is how language can be used for political purposes. I know that one of the things that annoys me is when you hear one of our two parties called the "Democrat Party" instead of the "Democratic Party". It rubs me the wrong way -- which is perhaps exactly why it is used at times by Republican-leaning types -- but it still bugs me and immediately means I put my "this is a biased source" filter on. It's like when I hear "Homicide Bomber" on FOX News -- it is a redundant phrase, really.

As a part of that, I found this list of politically-loaded phrases that was listed in connection to the following Slate article to be interesting.

I think it's worth being aware of the language choices like this as a part of your general media literacy -- recognizing any sort of biases that are out there.

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