Sunday, September 03, 2006


Political Season

It's almost primary time here in Minnesota. I'm generally a Democratic voter, and actually, there are a few races where the primary is probably more important than the general election, so that'll be the primary that I vote in.

I thought it might be convienient to put together some links together for it, especially as I think about who I'm likely going to vote for. I'm not including everyone -- just the ones that I'm considering...

Minnesota House 44A: Steve Simon

Minnesota Senate 44: Ron Latz is running. I don't see a website for him yet -- perhaps because this was a bit more sudden with Steve Kelley running for Attorney General. There's a page for at the house for his current position as State Representative in 44B.

Hennepin County Sheriff: This is one that I'm not yet decided on. A couple with websites: Tom Fitzhenry, Juan Lopez, Rich Stanek. Based on endorsements alone, it counts against Rich Stanek, as he's got a lot of Republicans, including ones that I really don't like.

US House District 5: My impression is that there are three top candidates for the race. Keith Ellison, Mike Erlandson, and Ember Reichgott Junge. This is one that I haven't come to any real conclusion on; it might be one that I make when I walk in the voting booth door. Right now it is likely between Ellison or Erlandson for me. This is the big race, and why it is important to vote in the primary here. It's one to take seriously.

State Auditor: Rebecca Otto

Secretary of State: Mark Ritchie

Attorney General: Steve Kelley has been our state senator for several years. He's been good there. I'm sure either Bill Luther or Lori Swanson would be ok, but I think the home town plus endorsements all count in Kelley's favor.

Governor & Lt Governor: Mike Hatch & Judi Dutcher are the endorsed candidates. Mike Hatch is the current Attorney General. Dutcher was a Republican, but she's they type of Republican that doesn't exist much anymore, as they stop being a party of fiscal responsibility and move to the extremes -- and why I don't consider them very often as candidates. Becky Lourey is a bit of an outside choice.

Senate: Amy Klobuchar.

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