Monday, September 25, 2006



I watched the first episode of Heroes on NBC tonight. As a life long superhero comic fan, it was almost obligatory. And the first episode was enough to have me hooked. Of course, with its shout out (and obvious creative debt) to Claremont/Byrne X-Men and Star Trek it had more geek bait than having an internet stripper in the first five minutes.

If you haven't had a chance to see it, you can catch it online on NBC's site, or it'll be repeated several times over the next couple of days, including on Friday before Doctor Who on Sci Fi.

And perhaps more than the various attempts at Lost like series in the last season, this is clearly a show that proves that the future of television is Lost. There's a clear Lost influence -- and not just because J.J. Abrams regular Greg Grunberg will be showing up in later episodes. All of the characters appear to have linked pasts, there are some underlying mysteries, and a few multinational characters that speak in subtitles.

It's not perfect -- and there are a few flaws that if they continue, this show could fail. The time lines didn't seem to always make sense -- and this wouldn't have bothered me much if it wasn't for the Solar Eclipse. And one of the mysteries for me is why a bunch of people would all of a sudden (to use an old Tommorrow People term) "Break Out" on the same day -- and I worry that they aren't going to have any specific explanation for that.

I'll definitely keep watching for a couple of more weeks. It's not quite as good of a pilot as Lost's was -- but the potential is certainly there, and while this isn't an unusual type of story for comic books, it's a little more unusual for network television.


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