Saturday, August 19, 2006


Snakes on a Train of Thought

There is something glorious about a movie that is so deliberately bad that it has a direct to video rip-off out before the movie gets into the theaters.

This is the kind of movie that cable channels showed all the time in the 1980s. Maybe it was chopped to pieces and aired on USA, maybe it was late night on Cinemax. It is what it is, critic and review proof: Snakes on a Plane.

I've long since been used to the clip before a movie telling you not to supply your own soundtrack -- turn off your cellphones, and everything else. But there was also one of the theater employees giving the same message to be quiet before Snakes on a Plane. I suppose that since there already is an audience participation script it was almost inevitable. While we didn't get the Rocky-Horror level participation that script could evolve into, there were the appropriate cheers when the title appeared, or the first snake, or Samuel L Jackson says that line.

I suspect that if you later decide to check out the DVD of Snakes on the Plane because you wondered "what the whole fuss was about" you'll miss the point -- it's much like people who first experienced The Rocky Horror Picture Show on video instead of experiencing it at a movie theater filled with toilet paper, re-enactments, and yelling at Charles Gray.

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