Saturday, June 24, 2006


Convergence Culture

I'm amused, as we sit two weeks out from CONvergence, the biggest Science Fiction convention in Minnesota, that there is a book coming out that appears to capture much of what has drived my philosophy as one of the programming heads over the years, and one of the things that appealed to me the most when I first got involved with the organization as the convention was first being put together as a far more multi-media science fiction convention than had existed previously.

Henry Jenkins, a professor at MIT, has a book and blog describing the current melding of multi-media entertainment and participatory "fan" involvment in entertainment as Convergence Culture. I've been vaguely aware of his work for years, but I think this is a book that I'm definitely going to have to get.

I doubt that he is aware of CONvergence, but the coincidence is something that makes me content that the convention was named well nine or so years ago.

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