Wednesday, November 16, 2005


The Torchwood Institute

I've set up a new blog specifically for Doctor Who over at The Torchwood Institute. One of the frustrating things with the huge delay for getting Doctor Who properly distributed over here in America is that things are practically on hold as far as the new series goes. At this point it's not to difficult to get region 2 DVDs from the series, and it'll be even easier in 2006 when region 1 DVDs are released in Canada, but hey, that just makes the new Doctor Who our little secret.

I've had some Doctor Who pages on one website or another for over ten years now, and I've still got most of them on Question Mark, which hasn't been terribly well maintained as internet and blogging technology makes these things a lot easier to do. But having a place for my review of Goth Opera by Paul Cornell from the early 1990s is fun, and if you want to be really nostalgic, there is a nearly two-decade old issue of Question Mark, which captures true 1980s geeky embarassement.

But really, from now on, I'll be blogging and writing about Doctor Who and Torchwood primarly at the Torchwood Institute. I've been writing about Doctor Who for all of my adult life, and it seems unlikely that'll stop anytime soon...


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