Monday, November 28, 2005



I was reading Leonard Maltin's comments about DVD production after following a link from Mark Evanier's Blog. I certainly agree that there are both wonderful and tragic DVD choices being made by DVD producers. Obviously, there are a lot of economic factors involved, and I certainly want the DVDs that I can get to be as well-presented as possible, and idealy with worthwhile extras.

(One of the reasons why I'm quite happy with the rather slow rate that the Doctor Who DVDs are coming out is that they are generally exceptionally well presented; and while there are certainly compromises that are made to get it out there on a budget, there's usually an effort to make sure that it's a good authoritative version of the story & additional features. )

Oh, and while Leonard Maltin is encouraging that fans let people know what they want -- I wish Leonard Maltin's site had an rss feed -- I find that I'm relying on rss feeds more and more for anything that I want to look at regularly using tools like Bloglines more and more.


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