Sunday, November 27, 2005


The New Order of the UK Music Hall of Fame,

I'm watching the UK Music Hall of Fame right now (it was on VH1)

I think it's a huge, huge shame that VH1 apparently cut a section on a UK-specific group like New Order but included several American acts. It makes some sense that they include multinational acts in their Hall of Fame -- after all, the US Hall of Fame will have some of the same acts. But I think if there's any reason to have a UK Hall of Fame -- and if they're going to distribute it in the US, which I'm hugely in favor of -- it's to demonstrate some of the things that are different between US and UK musical and pop culture. (Especially for those of us that enjoy much of the UK pop culture over in the US...)

I'm sure they needed to do some editing to get into a two hour slot -- but I think there were better ways of doing it than by cutting out an act entirely..

[See the Wikipedia entry on the UK Music Hall of Fame.]


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