Wednesday, June 08, 2005


UFO: Ed Bishop and Michael Billington

I had watched all of UFO a couple of years ago, and despite the delightful bright 1970 feel to it, it was a wonderously dark series that I enjoyed quite a bit.

I'm sad to see that two of the stars of the series, Ed Bishop and Michael Billington, have passed away with days of each other, according to this Gerry Anderson fansite.

A sad day for fans of British Cult television.

This was a terrible blow. As a long time fan of UFO, I recently decided to re-visit the entire series. Time has done it no favours but there was still a bit of the old magic and some definite fun to be had with the seriously non-PC scripts.
I decided that I would make time to attend a convention where Ed Bishop would be in attendance as he really was a boyhood hero.
I can't believe that after leaving it so long - he passed away before I could get to meet him... then Michael Billington a few days later. A dreadful pice of macabre synchronicity.
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