Tuesday, June 07, 2005


A stunning moment

I got my copies of the two North American Doctor Who DVDs today, from Who NA, one place that I go to for many of a lot of my Doctor Who related purchases, especially CDs. And I was stunned to discover that the DVD for The Leisure Hive contained a flyer for the new Doctor Who series, and advertised the various new books connecting to the series. It's the first acknowledgemnt I've really seen from any official capacity that there even is a new Doctor Who series as far as this country is concerned.

It's very odd, considering that the series has been more successful in the UK than any of us could have possibily imagined, that there's been so little word about how it will get officially distributed in this country. There's a lot of enthusiastic talk in Doctor Who Magazine and online amongst British fans about how mainstream the series is now days, when it's almost as cultish as ever in this country.

As someone who has loved Doctor Who for over two decades, though, I'm happy that the new series got it right for the UK audience, as opposed to falling into the middle of the ocean trying to make it big in America. As I've pointed out before, it quite frequently takes a year or so for things to cross over to an American cable station.


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