Friday, May 13, 2005


It's Been A Long Time

It's interesting -- the same week will see the end of two eras -- the end of Enterprise and an eighteen year run of weekly Star Trek, and with The Revenge of the Sith, the end of the Star Wars film franchise.

I don't think anyone believes that either franchise will go away forever -- they'll never completely be gone. And I think it's sadly safe that both franchises are not nearly as well respected as they were a decade or so ago, as recent entries in both franchises have been disappointing.

But as they pause, they're worth looking at. It's probably a worthy debate whether Science Fiction television or film are better because of either series -- for every positive point I can also think of negatives. But right now, I think, isn't the time to focus on those negatives. Both Stars deserve a lot of credit for inspiring many people over the years -- and while both are occasionally mocked by "real" Science Fiction fans and the general public alike, I think the massive appeal of both series has been key to popularizing science fiction and fantasy generally, and so it's not really unusual to enjoy science fiction and fantasy anymore...


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