Friday, March 18, 2005


Did you mean halle berry?

One if the ironies of search engines is that if you misspell a search term, you might actually get higher entries than if you spelled it correctly. An entry I wrote several weeks ago mentioned Hally Berry; of course, that should be spelled as Halle Berry. But I was digging through my logs, and I noticed that my previous entry was getting quite a few hits; and was one of the more popular pages on my website -- and of course, that's because there are "only" 58,500 entries for Hally Berry in Google, and I'm currently on the first page of results if you ask for that; but there are about 2,020,000 entries for Halle Berry.

I'm sure that entry gets a whole lot more hits by having her name spelled wrong than if I had spelled it right.

Other big hits are people starting to search for information about that hit my site are the Watchmen Movie and various references towards Driveshaft from Lost. (Where, of course, Lost is such a common word no one searching for that is going to find my website.)

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