Monday, February 07, 2005


You Can't Go Home Again

This week's Galactica was, to some extent, something very retro. It's difficult, I don't think I really want to go into spoiling episodes to any great detail as I comment on any television episodes here. But this episode was, in many respects, an episode at the surface is the most like either the original Galactica, or for that matter, other space series. But the execution of the episode, as always, is one way that makes this series so particularly good. And the revelations about the Cylons were especially fascinating.

"Home" has been a bit of a theme in my weekend's entertainment. I went to see In Good Company over the weekend, the Dennis Quaid/Topher Grace/Scarlett Johansson movie. Obviously, any movie that contains a Peter Gabriel song will get my indulgence, and a movie that plays Solsbury Hill in the fashion that this movie does will especially get my indulgence. I was surprised that it wasn't as much of a romantic comedy as I had initally expected, and that made me a bit happier about the movie, even as the movie gave me other things to think a lot about.

Of course, to prove that there is no justice, I wasted a few moments of my life watching the Paris Hilton Saturday Night Live episode, and it wasn't during the sci-fi sketch where she's in a hat and scarf. [Outpost Gallifrey has it on their news page as I'm writing this, though it'll roll off eventually, I'm sure.]

And to return to Galactica, Ron Moore's blog has an interesting entry about the future of Star Trek. While I think Enterprise was in trouble long before the new Galactica started, I think that Galactica outperforming Enterprise was the final signal to the executives that the latest Trek wasn't capturing the imagination -- even of its core audience -- in the way that it used to.

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