Friday, January 14, 2005 Mark Gatiss Speaks! League of Gentlemen! Dr. Who! Hitchhiker's Guide! Too Much Other Stuff to Count!
An interview with one of the writers on the new Doctor Who.

My favorite bit is that Mark made the same observation that I did concerning the actor playing the Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, and that it's going to apply to the new series:

That’s exactly it. He’s brilliant. He’s brilliant. I think the show will surprise a lot of people and that, particularly, Chris will. He’s known for his intensity, his rather scary intensity, which he DOES have as the Doctor. And equally, if you know him in real life, he’s a really good laugh and a lovely man and it’s that sort of duality that he brings to it. He’s like a kind of crazy child, but then when he tells you off you quake in your shoes. It’s actually kind of a Tom Baker-ish quality, but in a completely different way.


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