Monday, January 24, 2005


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MPR: Radio Listening: 89.3 The Current
I'm really quite interested in this new public radio station in the Twin Cities area. I think so much music radio is dull these days; and the amount of new music in my life is not what it once was. In fact, it's pretty sad.

I tend to listen to the news station of MPR a lot, but it'll be nice to have a music station to listen to as well that isn't as bland as so many of the other stations tend to be. Or at least that's my hope.

I'm a bit sad that they aren't playing Thistle and Shamrock, but to be honest, I haven't found myself listening to the show as much as I did when I lived in Milwaukee, and I don't really find myself listening to radio shows much anyways. (I'm looking forward for a day when I have an iPod or some similar device and could download shows to listen to them -- or at least that's what I'd like to do.

However, one of the shows that I listened to a lot when I lived in Milwaukee that I'd love to see on this new station is World Cafe -- and actually, I think the last time I really discovered a lot of new music it was because I could hear that show. And seeing that they are using WXPN as one of their role models for The Current I'm hopeful about the new station, even if they don't pick up that particular show...

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