Friday, January 21, 2005


Bastille Day

I'm watching the latest episode of the new Battlestar Galactica at the moment. I think it's Richard Hatch's best performance in an episode of Galactica to date, taking advantage of a more complicated character than the straight-ahead hero that he played on the original series.

And while there is an element of "stunt casting" here, obviously playing Richard Hatch's Tom Zarek character against the new Apollo, it works. The behind-the-scenes knowledge adds a little bit of added weight, really.

I'm kind of curious about what the connections between the Colonial religions and the myths of Earth -- apparently Zeus and Apollo are among the "Lords of Kobol". Obviously, that makes some sense, as their are clearly connections between Earth and Caprica and the other colonies -- it's part of the series. Obviously this series tries to really make our society even more like theirs; this is supposed to be a very recognizable society and not that different from our own.

I also maintain that the new series Starbuck is more like the original series version than any of the other characters -- perhaps precisely because it is played by a woman instead of a man.

But really, this isn't a series to watch for nostalgic reasons -- it's addressing modern issues and the flawed societies that we live in, and the compromises that we have to make.


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