Friday, August 16, 2002

Fellowship of the Ring and Cat People - When great movies make lousy DVDs, and vice versa. By Bryan Curtis
I disagree with Bryan on the Fellowship DVD. He misses the point on what this first disc was for -- what he's looking for is, as he said, the package that comes out later this year. But what the package that is out contains are all of the documentaries and promotional material that was done before the movie was even out -- and I'm sure there are plenty of people that are happy to have the various documentaries and previews on DVD instead of on a poorly-labeled video tape, especially if they missed one.

I think if you look at it as a six disc set spread across two different purchase dates you find out that it's not really that bad at all -- especially since you can find the version that is out right now at a really cheap price, especially when you consider that there is a rebate if you buy both packages. (as I am)

While there aren't many movies that deserve this treatment -- and I'll admit, the thought that there will probably be something like 20 discs connected to The Lord of the Rings when the whole thing is said and done is intiminating, this isn't that bad... [and there's precident here --- have you seen the Tolkien aisle in a good-sized bookstore? I think they've printed every napkin that he ever wrote on by now, with pages of additional commentary...]

(and hey -- I'll just be happy if the recognition that we'll buy fancy sets like that will convince George Lucas to release the original versions of the classic Star Wars trilogy...)

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