Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Salon has an interesting article about decentralized systems
and then how it applies to terrorist networks and cities. Emergence sounds like an interesting book.

I think it also applies a lot to science fiction fandoms as well -- especially in the internet era, since so much of the work on any big project is actually relatively decentralized. And I noticed when I was down at Chicago TARDIS last weekend that more recent clubs are less conventionally organized than older ones -- the Chronicles of Who just have their regularly scheduled meetings, but don't have membership dues or a lot of organizational overhead. Same with the Iowa fan group and the Minnesota Doctor Who Viewing Society. But older groups like the CIA in St Louis have a greater level of conventional organization to them.

And I don't think this has to do with the fact that Doctor Who is less popular now than it was when the CIA was founded -- I don't see that new fan groups around the current batch of series are organizing themselves in the same way clubs did fifteen or so years ago.


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