Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Tuesday night is probably my biggest night of Television.

The Farscape repeat was an interesting enough episode. A middle part of a three part story from the second season. There's good humor in the series, and it works pretty well. Right now this series gets a lot of my time, and it's all still new to me.

Buffy was very funny, but I'm somewhat disturbed to see the geeks becoming bad guys. Wasn't Buffy the series where the geeks were the good guys? [Xander and Willow seem to be less geeky by the season as well.] Though their dialog was hysterical. And I'm going to so miss Giles.

And I think Smallville continues to show a lot of promise. I don't want them to rush into the Lex-as-bad-guy role, and I like how they've got that set up. I think the modifications in general are solid. They'll have some problems in having him discover powers every week - that's not going to last -- but otherwise, this continues to be on my schedule of shows to watch. It's also interesting to compare to Buffy, since Buffy is no longer about high school life, where Smallville is perhaps trying to recreate some of that feel of Buffy of five years ago.


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