Thursday, September 13, 2001

With the dust (literally) still settling in NYC, one of the thoughts one goes to is how we are to blame, and some of the internal US poltics to it. No American wanted this; and it was unthinkable (and still is unthinkable).

We probably created these terrorists; monsters left over from an ideological war of economic systems that are now have gone against us. We should have focused more attention on them when we cut back on our military after the end of the cold war. The current administration probably paid too little attention to the middle east in the early months of their adminstration, as the situation there deteriorated over the last year or so.

One of the things that I'm also going to be aware of are some small, little things that sometimes were tolerant of terrorism in various forms. The local Irish-themed bands that include IRA songs in their set lists, which frequently put me a little off-ease, will probably even make me more uncomfortable in the future; even though I like many of the other songs those bands perform. As there were still disgusting actions brought on by both Catholics and Protestants there... (and I think it's a valuable thing to think about before one starts to go off against Muslims generally -- I believe that most people are good people; and the extremists aren't by any means representative...)

I don't know what I'm really rambling on about here... just a few things on mind. I'm not really sure this is the time to think about past poltics though; whether it's the people I've heard raise concerns about whether the person who was selected as President is up to the task, or the comments about previous administrations might have done. None of them wanted this. And we need our leaders to live up to their positions right now. I hope and pray that they are all wiser in the future than they might have been in the past.

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