Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Montykins: VH-1 Is Stupid
I've said several times before that I could tell I was getting old when I was VH-1 and not MTV. But Monty has a good point -- and I think what it says is that the people choosing the list are people that fixed a lot of their musical taste in 1970 or so; probably a lot of people that are 45 or so. (Or people who worked so much with older journalists that their tastes were dominated by those older than they are.)

I'm actually not much of a fan of "greatest" lists -- that's far more objective than I could be about something like music (or anything else really). The reasons we like or dislike something tend to not just be something about the work itself, but how it interacts with the person you are at the time you encounter it.

I know that my default musical selections tend to come from my junior high, high school, and college age -- you probably get exposed to the most music then.

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