Monday, August 27, 2001

Mister Rogers to Retire; Show to Live on in Reruns
It is probably horribly unfashionable to admit that I watched and loved his show when I was a very young child. For many years one of my treasured toys was a mom-made Purple Panda. [It's possible that this would have been my first contact with a sf concept, as Purple Panda came from the Planet Purple. Purple was also my favorite color for many years, and it's probably difficult to say whether I like Purple Panda because it was Purple, or that I like Purple because that was the color of Purple Panda.]

But as Mr Rogers retires and puts on his shoes for the last time, it's time to give him a big thank you for his contribution to my childhood. Hopefully it'll still be in repeats when (and if, I suppose) I have children of my own....

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