Thursday, August 23, 2001

It's been a busy week for me -- this is the first night I've been home all week. And I toyed with going out tonight as well, but decided that I needed to stay in for a change.

It was a light week for comics (& related stuff) -- a new issue of New X-Men and The Brotherhood, and issue 307 of Doctor Who Magazine (which I didn't know had a website until right now!)

sort of disappointed by the two comics. I'm not a big fan of Quitely's art, I think. But the storyline is ok, and there are some things that make me very glad to be buying X-Men titles, as one of the reasons why I stopped reading it years ago was removed.

DWM is ok too -- I think they're doing a little bit better job as far as balance goes, perhaps leaning a bit to heavily in the audio direction still at times in their previews. The article about the NAs is fantastic though, as David J Howe turns his skilled eye at the true legacy of 1990s Doctor Who.

Though I'm thrilled they listed the American Doctor Who DVD releases -- I preordered my copies of Spearhead from Space, Robots of Death, and The Five Doctors earlier this week, and I'm really looking forward to them. It doesn't hurt that they're all truly classic Doctor Who, but they also look like they're really putting together DVDs that take advantage of the format.


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