Sunday, August 05, 2001

I just got back from Diversicon, a fun little low-key convention. I love the hotel -- it's fantastic for a small 200-person convention, and very comfortable, and has a lot of charm. Had lots of fun conversations, from Buffy and Douglas Adams and costuming and bizzarre muppet discussions and minesweeper fanfic and jumping the shark and convention programming and whatever else really.

Saturday also had a MISFITS meeting. Ok turn out -- but I think we still need to do better at promoting meetings, and we had some problems with parking and the like. I gave away some Avengers and James Bond videos that I had upgraded to DVD and a bunch of books in a "book/video" swap -- I came away with less than I brought, but I expected as much, and I figure it'll work out karmically in the end anyways. I think it's a good idea for the meetings. Though my problem is that I tend to want to "collect" things I like -- so if it's a book I've read, I'll keep it, even if I'm unlikely to read it again. And I'm not so out of hand yet where I have to get rid of stuff just to get rid of it.

and I just noticed that my duplicate Avengers tapes may increase -- I see that I can get every Emma Peel episode in one DVD package, and I probably will have to do that.

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