Thursday, July 05, 2001

Well, CONvergence day -1 is over. (Like the Common Era, there is no CONvergence day 0; though I suppose the Thursday before a con really does qualify. It certainly will when it's next year, and the thursday before is the 4th of July.)

Today was a lot of driving around friends, picking up some at the airport, and going around shopping at various book, comic book, music, and video stores. I picked up Ultraviolet, as I just loved it when I saw it on the Sci-fi channel last year. Then it was check some friends into the hotel, hang out at the hotel for a while and go home. Things are really coming together -- I love going to a convention on a Thursday night, as you see the con slowly come together; it's not yet crazy like it will be this time tomorrow.

Well, I want to charge up my sleeping batteries, as I imagine I won't get much for the rest of the weekend....


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