Monday, July 16, 2001

prog rock dock - your site for reviews and commentary on progressive rock, past and present
argh. had a big essay wrote up to attach to this link, and then my browser crashed. Doesn't that suck?

It's a pretty cool site with some Marillion videos, news on a Genesis DVD, and other prog-rock junk.

Ah....just that I realized that I'm not nearly as successfully obscure to be a very good fan. I'm too pop, even with this marginal stuff. Far to pop to be a good progressive rock fan. (If there is such a thing)

When it comes to SF, I'm much too much the media fan to really be part of that scene, and there are other differences I've noticed in philosophy and outlook that sometimes make things difficult as well. Even though I love getting together with other enthusiasts of the genre...

It's probably true with computers; as I'm not very dogmatic on what OSes to use, or what languages to use.

I'm even far too moderate politically.

But it doesn't really matter. I'm generally happy with how I approach these things... One of the reasons why I think I've got this site is to have a bit of all of that out there, I suppose, and collect my hobbies in one place.

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