Wednesday, July 25, 2001

My comics choices for today were excellent. I got new furniture today, and it was nice to sit on my couch for a while and read on some better furniture.

The best choice, was, of course, Grant Morrison's Fantastic Four 1234 #1. They were sold out of it in the first store I went to, so I went to another. It meant a longer trip home -- probably a good hour later. But it was worth it. Boy was it worth it.

X-Men Unlimited #32 was ok. Amusing, because it had an inevitable Behind The Music style parody with Dazzler as the central character. She's so obviously a dated character, despite having come from the best run of the X-Men ever, that it's very, very funny.

X-Force continues to have the highest body count in comics. It's a very odd book; not at all like any Marvel comic ever. It's fascinating to read, especially as it shows no shame in being a more mature book than you'd expect from a mainstream Marvel title. It's hard to connect with the rest of the Marvel universe, but that's part of the fun.

Green Arrow #6 continues the fascinating Kevin Smith run, with CONvergence 2002 guest Phil Hester doing some really interesting art. Out of Kevin's comics work, I think this is his best stuff -- better than his Daredevil run, which sometimes got a little wordy.

Last is J. Michael Straczynski's Midnight Nation is alright. I'm not really on all cylinders on it -- I think it might be something that will work better when it's collected.

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