Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Marketing 'Narnia' without a Christian lion
I'm kind of disgusted. I read The Chronicles of Narnia as a kid -- it was probably one of the first book series I ever read. And I've been slowly re-reading it this year as an adult, since I got it again last year for Christmas. And I think the connections with Christianity are really what a lot of what its about -- they're enjoyable children's stories, certainly. But I think they use a relatively light touch on the religious meaning, and I think anyone -- including people who aren't at all Christian -- can read and enjoy them.

And I think hiding what influences something is a bad idea -- should Sandman deny its historical and mythological roots? The best part of it -- Season of Mists -- is filled with it.

And Narnia's influence on other works -- including Gaiman's A Game of You, or from what I've understood of Lance Parkin's Father Time. (I still need to read that one) -- it's all important, I think. But the religious imagery is *part* of that influence. (And it's true when other stories are clearly influenced by religious stories as well...)

I'm not strongly religious; but this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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