Monday, July 30, 2001

I finished Father Time today -- it's my favorite Doctor Who novel I've read in years, and lived up to the very high expectations I have for Lance Parkin. It may be because that this is Doctor Who as my biography; the Doctor's daughter, mentioned in the blurb, so I'm not spoiling there -- is of my (and Lance's) generation. And the book takes place during the decade of the 1980s -- while it's the UK of the 1980s, it's all very much taking part in a time I'm familiar with, and from a perspective of history that I recognize and share.

Certainly one of the reasons why I regularly follow Doctor Who is that it's an old comfort to me -- it's a world that I've escaped to for nearly 20 years now. And perhaps this combined to make Father Time just about the ultimate in comfort read for me right now, which was, if you pardon the expression, probably exactly what the doctor ordered...

Also saw Planet of the Apes, which was ok, not great....


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